Yaogang Lian

Quiver for iOS

Quiver for iOS was released a few days ago. You can download it here for free: https://itunes.apple.com/app/quiver-take-better-notes/id977882194?mt=8

Please note that this is a read-only version — editing is not supported. I want to put it out there so users who just want to view their notes on the go can use it already.

Will there ever be a full version that supports editing and two-way syncing? I hope so, but not in the near future.

My plan is to release regular, incremental updates for both Quiver for Mac and Quiver for iOS in the coming months. There is much work to do. On the Mac, the next step is to release the nested notebooks feature, which many users have been waiting for. On iOS, more syncing options (iCloud!) will be added next.

Yaogang Lian

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