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Quiver 2.1 Release Notes

Quiver 2.1 is finally here, with 50+ improvements.

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New features

  • Keyboard navigation: use arrow keys (up, down, left, right) to move between cells, and cmd+arrow keys for faster navigation. You can also use the right arrow key to navigate from the note list to the note, and the escape key to come back.
  • Added syntax highlighting support for 17 languages: Cirru, Dockerfile, Eiffel, Elixir, Elm, Gcode, Gherkin, Gitignore, Io, N-Triples, Praat, SAS, Smarty, SPARQL, SPSS, Turtle, Vala
  • Added a setting to scroll the note content past end while editing
  • Added settings for enabling autocompletion and tab triggers in code cells
  • User settings (code cell theme, tab size, etc.) are now applied to the preview and presentation mode.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for inserting lists and headings
  • Added a yellow highlighter to the text cell toolbar
  • Added a keyboard shortcut (Cmd+K) to make a URL into a link
  • Added a keyboard shortcut (Opt-Cmd-/) to change language in a code cell
  • Support checkboxes in text cells
  • Added a toolbar button to insert an image in a text cell
  • Table support in Markdown cells
  • Support GFM task lists in Markdown cells
  • Pretty print JSON, XML, CSS and SQL
  • Set tab sizes for all cell types
  • Edit CSS for preview, presentation, and exported HTML
  • Added a setting to show line numbers in code cells
  • Added settings to show/hide invisibles, indent guides in code cells
  • Added options to use Vim or Emacs key binding in code cells, Markdown cells and LaTeX cells
  • Added a setting to use GFM linebreaks in Markdown cells
  • Paste note links into a Markdown cell
  • Inline LaTeX now works in Markdown cells
  • Add application-wide custom macros to LaTeX cells
  • Added navigation buttons and keyboard shortcuts (left and right arrow keys) to the presentation mode
  • Export all your settings and CSS customizations into a single JSON file. This makes it easy to sync settings across multiple computers.
  • Import Markdown and plain text files
  • Export to Markdown: Markdown cells are concatenated, code cells become fenced code blocks.
  • When exporting a notebook to HTML, all the pages are now linked together.


  • Quiver now remembers the last opened note and reopens it upon launch.
  • Tags are now case-sensitive.
  • Removed the alert when moving notes to trash.
  • Changed the keyboard shortcut for deleting a note to “cmd+delete” to avoid accidental deletions
  • Added a “Rename Notebook” menu item to the notebook context menu
  • Added a “Add to Shortcuts” menu item to the note context menu

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes notebook names were not saved.
  • Fixed a bug that the tutorial notebook couldn’t be permanently deleted.
  • Fixed a bug that the “discard changes” dialog shows up after creating or updating a note.
  • Fixed a bug that the notebook name field loses focus during editing.
  • Fixed an issue with sharing a Quiver library or notebooks via a network drive.
  • Fixed an issue that Markdown preview sometimes gets out of sync.
  • Fixed Markdown preview styles: paragraphs are now properly separated.
  • Fixed an issue with inserting line breaks in a LaTeX cell.
  • Fixed a bug that changing the code cell language in a floating window didn’t update the code cell in the main window.

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