Yaogang Lian

Scratch Your Own Itch

I have heard of this wisdom so many times but never really took it to my heart. Over the years I have built apps that I don’t use personally. Although I always tried to put myself into user’s shoes when developing those apps, I missed the tremendous benefit of working on something personally meaningful.

I was not alone on this. A lot of startups waste precious resources on ideas they don’t truly believe in, fund-raising without a business model, and developing products they don’t personally use. An enormous amount of money and resources could have been saved if more people truly take this wisdom to their hearts.

As I gradually phase out old projects and start new ones, I am making “scratch your own itch” my new motto. Every new project that I embark on, whether it’s a new app or a new tool, must be something I can use on a daily basis.

Yaogang Lian

An iOS, Mac and web developer. Focusing on building productivity and educational apps.